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25,40 €

Nescafé Mokambo NESCAFÉ Mokambo Tradición is a dark roasted blend with a powerful and robust character. Very aromatic with chocolate accents. The ideal blend for preparing a robust cup of coffee and espresso. The NESCAFÉ Mokambo Tradición is...

19,88 €

Nescafé Ristretto Decaffeinated 250 gr NESCAFÉ Ristretto Decaffeinated is a lightly roasted coffee with subtle wine tones, naturally decaffeinated with water. The ideal blend for a delicious decaffeinated coffee. Instant coffee Decaffeinated

6,01 €

Nesquik Lacté - 1 kg Powdered drink made from low-fat cocoa and low-fat milk powder.

6,03 €

Van Houten VH15 Van Houten VH15 is an authentic milk chocolate drink that combines the creamy taste of milk, rich cocoa base and pleasant sweetness to create a balanced and delicious taste experience! The balance of delicious chocolate and milk...

11,54 €

Maggi Tomato Soup MAGGI Tomato soup comes in 1kg bags. The MAGGI Tomato Soup is a delicious clear tomato soup to be used as a pick-me-up, for any time of the day. This soup is suitable for a vegetarian diet.

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Caprimo Coffee Whitener Round & Soft! Caprimo Coffee Whitener dissolves perfectly, is economical in use and with its excellent functionality, the perfect substitute for milk. Due to its low dosage and its effectiveness Caprimo Whitener is...

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Sugar+ for automatic distribution Sugar with controlled particle size, Sugar in individual portions These sugars are specially designed for the vending machine market.