Mixed Tea

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PURETEA Black Line Mixed.

Black Ceylon, Pure Lemon,Rosehip, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Forest Fruit, Oragnic Green, Natural Mint, Golden Chamomile, Rooibos, Earl Grey, Linden.

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Black Ceylon

Pure Lemon



English Breakfast

Forest Fruit

Oragnic Green

Natural Mint

Golden Chamomile


Earl Grey



Pure Tea presents you a complete new tea product. Trendy, pure and authentic. The taste, the aroma, the colourful tea-leafs and the extraordinary shape of the teabag make drinking tea a true experience. Surprising sorts of tea, 100 % biological, compiled from the superior first picking: the finest tea-leafs of the season, picked by hand and of  the best quality.


The Pure Tea plantation is situated in the south-western part if India on an imposing mountain. This part of India experiences high precipitation, during the monsoon period as much as 250-300 mm of rain per day.  The daytime temperature can rise to about 40°C, creating greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat. 

This tropical climate contributes to the unique malty taste, a feature for which our tea is well known.

Black Line

The Black Line offers the same high-quality tea as the White Line in a different packaging concept.

11 different flavours, individually packaged.

Apart from seven familiar flavours from the White Line, the Black Line features three new flavours: Rooibos Vanilla, Honey Caramel and Earl White Strawberry. The practical packaging gives the Black Line an attractive appearance. The matching PureTea box provides an extra inviting presentation.

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