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Nescafé Mokambo NESCAFÉ Mokambo Tradición is a dark roasted blend with a powerful and robust character. Very aromatic with chocolate accents. The ideal blend for preparing a robust cup of coffee and espresso. The NESCAFÉ Mokambo Tradición is...

19,88 €

Nescafé Ristretto Decaffeinated 250 gr NESCAFÉ Ristretto Decaffeinated is a lightly roasted coffee with subtle wine tones, naturally decaffeinated with water. The ideal blend for a delicious decaffeinated coffee. Instant coffee Decaffeinated

8,64 €

Nesquik Lacté - 1 kg Powdered drink made from low-fat cocoa and low-fat milk powder.

11,54 €

Maggi Tomato Soup MAGGI Tomato soup comes in 1kg bags. The MAGGI Tomato Soup is a delicious clear tomato soup to be used as a pick-me-up, for any time of the day. This soup is suitable for a vegetarian diet.

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Sugar+ for automatic distribution Sugar with controlled particle size, Sugar in individual portions These sugars are specially designed for the vending machine market.

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Royco Classic Leek 25pcs Another classic from the Royco assortment: our leek soup. We don't overlook a leek stem more or less. So this green vegetable soup is the perfect energy boost to always make the most of your day.

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Poultry 20pcs Don't just say chicken soup to Royco Poultry Crunchy. You'll see, thanks to our creamy chicken soup with crunchy bread crusts, everyone will be eager to take a nice break from now on.

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Mushrooms 20pcs Our mushroom soup with crunchy bread crusts is another classic in size, 200 ml to be absolutely correct. Meet Royco Champignons Crunchy and taste the best of tasty mushrooms in your soup bag!

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Vegetable Supper 20pcs Need a green vegetable boost? Then choose the Royco Vegetable Soup Crunchy. This creamy soup with broccoli, leeks, chervil, onion and spinach comes with plenty of crunchy croutons for extra bite.

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Curry 20pcs The hottest break undoubtedly begins with Royco Curry Crunchy. Because with a name that is a tongue twister in itself, your mouth is instantly warmed up. Then you can enjoy this delicious curry soup packed with chicken,...

16,49 €

Royco Classic Chicken 25pcs Don't just say chicken soup to Royco Classic Chicken.

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Pumpkin Soup 20pcs The crème de la suprême among our pumpkin soups? That has to be Royco Crunchy Pumpkin Soup with fresh pumpkin and crispy bread crusts!

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Asparagus 20pcs A soup packed with delicious white asparagus, that's Royco Asparagus Crunchy. A soup could hardly be better. And probably not creamier either. So to give our other soups a chance, we added crunchy bread crusts. Enjoy!

16,49 €

Royco Crunchy Tomato Soup 20pcs A creamy soup with tomatoes and crunchy bread crusts. This will make for breaks full of slurping and crunching. Delicious.

15,65 €

Royco Cacao 20pcs Also discover our delicious hot chocolate. Ideal for a cozy chocolate break!