Artisanal coffee roastery

Artisanal coffe roastery

From the moment you open a pack of Donko's coffee, you will already notice the difference. The subtle aroma of our freshly roasted beans entices you. Every week we roast our various coffees in our coffee roaster of the year 1962.

Our coffees, selective and qualitative

We always apply the strictest criteria when purchasing our raw coffee beans. Only the best growers and the best plantations are considered. In addition to Africa and Asia, the bulk of the supply comes from Central and South America. Coffee is produced in the countries of the coffee belt and are located between the tropics. This is mainly due to the ideal climatic conditions, the orientation/altitude of the plantations and the care and involvement of the local coffee farmers. Thus, we can always assure you of the best quality.

Roasted to quality

After being selected, the beans are mixed and roasted in the traditional way in our family roastery. In coffee roasting, it is the people who drive the machines and not the other way around, and our master coffee roaster knows this better than anyone. We literally and figuratively have our noses in the entire production process. The strictly selected beans are roasted for 12 to 14 minutes at 180 to 220°C, depending on their composition. This involves constant checks until the right aroma is achieved. In other words, until we ourselves are satisfied with the result and deem it worthy of being tasted by you. After all, we want you to experience the same pleasure in coffee as we do.

We have 3 coffee roasters. Depending on what type of coffee and quantity, we decide which roaster is optimal for the best result.

Fresh product

We consider coffee to be a fresh product. All our coffee varieties are freshly roasted every week. Because of our direct delivery, we guarantee an ideal freshness.

After roasting, our coffee is immediately air-packed because oxygen and water vapor degrade the aroma of the coffee. This is done in a specially designed package, equipped with a one-way valve. This valve ensures that no air can enter the packaging, but that the gases produced can escape. As a result, no oxidation occurs inside the pack and our coffee retains its freshness and aroma longer.

High-Tech meets craft

We attach great importance to our craft, but also have an eye for new contemporary techniques. For example, our coffees are "cupped" or tasted according to fixed standards on a scientific basis.

Our roasting process is digitally registered, so that we can obtain a suitable roasting profile for each coffee. However, our master coffee roaster always keeps an eye on things because no two coffee beans are the same.p>

Bean to cup

Our story doesn't end with the roasted coffee beans. We want to take that extra step.

We have a wide range of coffee machines with our own experienced technical service. This makes it possible for us to solve all repairs ourselves. By doing everything in-house, you are not dependent on another repairer.

Workshops and courses are organized regularly. We assist our hotel and catering customers with the preparation of their coffee and tea menu and the training of their staff. If you also want to make use of this, you can always contact us.

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