Nutroma cups 200 pcs.

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The taste

  • The richness of Nutroma ensures that the coffee is not diluted, so that the taste of the coffee is respected.
  • Nutroma rounds off the sour and bitter sides and gives your coffee a richer, rounded, deliciously full flavor.
  • Nutroma is lightly caramelized, which ensures a perfect wedding with the taste of the coffee. Nutroma also gives her a beautiful cream color.

The quality

  • Concentrated: For 1 liter Nutroma 2.3 liters of milk are used.
  • Nutroma contains only 8% fat.

Ease of use

  • Nutroma cools your coffee less than regular milk because you need less of it. The effect is also better!
  • Nutroma is available in handy cups and bottles: you choose what you find the easiest!


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